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At one point in a business’ rise is a need to expand its market. The Internet made it easy for brands to relate themselves to different industries, even combinations that seemed impossible. Some executions of these ideas have failed. It isn’t easy to relate your brand to anything, or anything, without satisfying the common ground first.

So What Is the Common Ground?

People love seeing results. Content that captures the public’s emotion and imagination are today’s marketing edges. When people see how a chef’s knife expertise is used in combat, it would be easy to relate the chef’s skills to a defence company. Finding this common ground is just the first step.

The next Step is understanding what we can do for you.

Actually, the next step is identifying which emotion would suit this particular correlation. Of course, an action-packed video is one way. Another way would be using a very interesting article explaining the chef’s knife physics in combat. The best way to go about it is to consult our Idea Metric Simulator

There are many ideas for correlation In the Internet

But only the finest ones, with proper analysis, social network marketing, content production and implementation, will always steal the hearts of your audiences. Emotions never fail, and The Gaggle Group is focused just on that.

By using the Idea Metric Simulator we’ve developed alongside a company with the best SEO Northampton ever has (in our opinion), you could check if your idea of correlation is possible through percentages, social media metrics, ideas that come close to the two subjects for correlation and more.

If you want to unlock your full business advertising potential using this free tool, contact us!



The Idea Metric Simulator

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